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Thank you for your interest in the Complete Negotiation Package

This course will give you the Information, Skills, and Experience to negotiate your best physician contract

The Bundle contains the Physician Compensation Market Value Report and the Customized One-on-One VIP Skype Session

Enrollment Information:

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  • In the comment section below write "I'm SUPER EXCITED for the complete negotiation package" or something similar
  • Send us an email with the following in the title "URGENT. Complete Negotiation Package" and place your name in the email title. In the email itself include several different contact methods so we can schedule your session

EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

CONTACT FORM: NegotiationMD Contact Link

  • NOTE: the typical time frame from enrollment, through development of the market report, designing you custom session, scheduling and completing your session is usually 1-2 weeks. Sometimes longer depending upon your schedule. Please let is know immediately if this will be an issue
  • NOTE: is this a STAT negotiation? As in it's Thursday and I am meeting with my future boss on Monday! DON'T PANIC! We have the solution for you over at the STAT Negotiation Now! LINK
  • Once Enrolled you will have access to both "courses". Please visit each. Watch the videos and review the information. Complete the information collection forms and email them to us. We'll be in touch to schedule the session.