WAIT, What's is an affiliate marketer and why do I want to become one?

What's an Affiliate Marketer and why would I want to become one?

You are an influencer. Maybe you have a blog, podcast, or popular YouTube site. Maybe you just have a few dozen friends who look to you for financial or career advice. The important thing is that people look to you as a leader. They want to learn from you about the latest ideas, fantastic services, and innovative products. There is a common problem with influencers- they work hard to maintain their group of engaged followers... but, it's really hard to get paid a fair value for this incredible skill.

Then there's me. I'm an educator by nature. My passion is teaching. I love the fact that we live in time where I can interact with people from all over the world and have the opportunity to transform them into great negotiators. It's like a dream come true! My problem is that while I specialize in building high quality products, it's difficult for me to find an audience without spending a small fortune on advertising that I can't afford.

If only there was a "win-win-win" solution that could help us all...

You could get paid fairly for the hard work of building and maintaining your social media empire. I could gain an engaged audience without sending out millions of annoying emails and google ads. And your followers would have the opportunity the to sign up for a high-quality and innovative educational product that will significantly advance their careers and transform their lives.

That's where Affiliate marketing fits in.

You sign up as an affiliate marketer. After we discuss the process, I'll assign you a unique link to the Negotiation MD school. Use that link in your social media, responsibly please, to send followers to the school. When one of your followers clicks that link and signs up for a course or product, you receive a percentage of the revenue. What could be better or easier?

Sign up today and get started!