Let's get started

Introduction to this Webinar Series

First things first...

You'll need to log-on/sign-in as a student.

Really... Don't worry, it's free.

A valid email address is needed so I can send you a link to the webinar stream. We'll keep your information confidential

Next Steps:

  1. Go to the webinar you are interested in viewing
  2. If it is archived, click on it on the video and play
  3. If the webinar is live then click on the video. In the bottom Menu, you should see the option to open in YouTube. We recommend you watch the video in YouTube to reduce latency and to start the chatbox feature.

Please keep in mind:

  1. This is an early trial run of the technology. We can't guarantee the webinar will be free of glitches or errors.
  2. This webinar is meant to be fun! So, let's have fun with it. I want to hear your thoughts and questions.
  3. Live webinars are the riskiest venture out there. Dogs bark, kids scream, lights go off, the internet goes down, computers freeze, police with warrants show up... I'm willing to risk public disaster. I'm hoping you appreciate this before you judge.